Name: Sergio Chicon

Hometown: New York, NY Lower East Side (Born and raised)

What do you love about boxing?

Boxing changed my life. I found peace in a violent sport. It instilled discipline and exercised my mind and body at levels I never had experienced with anything sport or recreation. I love that is an individual sport that requires so much of you.  

How did you get into training?

A lot of people knew I boxed. I always shared my experiences with it. I was once asked to cover a boxing fitness class years ago and quickly recruited individuals to train one-on-one and picked up a number of classes from boxing, TRX, to bootcamp.

What are you fighting for?

I’m fighting for peace and solace within myself. When I’m present and full, I’m able to inspire, create and share. It’s a constant battle that requires discipline and work.

Describe your style of teaching.

I’m energetic and fast-paced in group classes. I keep it fun, but the work is hard.

Favorite type of music to play during class?

Without a doubt Hip Hop. A lot of 90’s Hip Hop which is now considered “old school”, damn – ha! I may set the class off with a different genre (high energy) and cool down with something smoother like Sade, but for the most part we are bangin’ out to some rap music.

Career Achievements/Titles:

  • Stand-Up Comedian seen on BET On Blast, Comedy Central’s LOL, NBC,  Gotham Comedy Live  on AXS TV)
  • Registered Amateur Boxer with over twelve  years experience of boxing training

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