Name: Charlie Himmelstein

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

What do you love about boxing? How did you get into training? What are you fighting for?

Boxing has been my life since I was twelve years old. It guided me into every single area of my life that I have been in, and am currently in.  I was just always getting ready for a fight, that’s all I can remember.

Describe your style of teaching.

Dirty. I teach technique and give my students a background to that technique so they are not just throwing punches aimlessly. I teach people how to react in an actual boxing match, because you can get fit while actually learning how to fight too. I believe in teaching actual boxing, and not just “fit boxing”.

Favorite type of music to play during class?

Nostalgic “pump up”music like “Sandstorm”

Career Achievements/Titles:

  • Fought in Golden Gloves twice.
  • Champion of the Underground Fights in NYC, 30-1-1

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