-Gloves are included, Hand Wraps are available for purchase.

-All levels are welcome.

-Classes are 10-24 Fighters.

-All classes are 45 Minutes

-No contact

-3 hour cancellation policy(class start time)


Overthrow Underground Boxing Burnout
A 45-minute Boxing Burnout Class incorporating shadowboxing, heavy bag work, and basic boxing technique to high energy music. Overthrow’s Boxing Burnout takes place in the infamous underground level of #9 Bleecker, a former meeting spot for radical activists and a storied after hours club.  Classes are taught by Pro Fighters and/or Top Level Amateurs. *Friday Nights at 730pm is “Overthrow Boxing and Booze Burnout”

Overthrow Ring Work
A 45-minute Boxing Class that incorporates Overthrow’s Ring and high intensity music. Fighters learn footwork, boxing technique, and what it feels like to move and box like a fighter. All action takes place on the main level of Overthrow. Fighters use the ring to shadowbox, get pad work, and heavy bag work.

Overthrow Sparring
Bring your skills to the next level! Made for fighters who want to participate in open Sparring. Under the watchful eyes of our trainers Fighters will be able spar with multiple partners at OVERTHROW! Head gear is required and will provided. Mouthpieces are required and are available for Purchase.

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