Name: Sydney Rose Miller

Hometown: New York, NY

What do you love about boxing? How did you get into training? What are you fighting for?
Boxing, for me, is a passion, form of therapy and means of expression. I love hitting sh*t because it’s the most pure expression of the power you possess inside. Oftentimes, especially as women, we are taught to temper or repress our most extreme emotions or reactions. In the ring, all that goes out the window: It is a space for freedom of expression at the height of intensity, and I’ve always chosen to live life in extremes 🙂

Describe your style of teaching.
I have a background as both a teacher and an athlete so you always feel an arch to my classes that is intentional and instructive. You will have an amazing workout, you will learn about boxing, and you’ll always feel the rhythm, because rhythm helps us move with fluidity.

Favorite type of music to play during class?

Rock, hip hop, pop – a little of everything because it depends on my mood 🙂

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