“I’m from Brooklyn, NY, specifically Boro Park. What I love about boxing is the full-body exercise it provides. Second, I love the competitive aspect of the sport and the challenge it presents. Third, boxing has improved my confidence, and I believe it is the fastest way to get in shape.

I started boxing because my mother found out I was being bullied. Although I didn’t tell my father, my mother urged him to teach me how to defend myself before I started high school. This ended up benefiting me because I got into fights during my first and second year of high school and won, thanks to my experience in combat sports since the age of 13.

I am fighting to keep my name alive as a former outstanding amateur/professional boxer by providing a service that combines fitness and boxing. My teaching style is professional, and I am very passionate, which motivates my clients to push through their workouts and have fun while learning.

I love aggressive hip hop music for boxing, but my softer side enjoys a good R&B song. My music selection for class is diverse, including pop and hip hop, and if you request a specific song, I will be sure to play it.”

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