Pistol Pete

Pro Boxer 15-0 9KO's

Name: “Pistol Pete” Dobson

Hometown: Bronx, NY

What is your story?
I am a tenacious competitor who is willing to take myself out of my comfort zone to prepare for bouts and hone my craft.  I am a Golden Gloves champion, undefeated as a professional, and have traveled all over the country to work in different camps ensuring I spar with the highest level of competition. I am dedicated to constantly improve, and determined to be great. My willingness to take on all challenges is what truly attracted Evander Holyfield and his promotional team to sign me to their roster.

What do you love about boxing?
It’s a sport where you can find out what you think you know about yourself, and what you didn’t know about yourself if you challenge yourself. Boxing is a sport where people say you can’t do something or you can’t do this or you can’t do that then you show them that they’re wrong. And the confidence you need to do it.

How did you get into training?
I got tired of paying personal trainers and decided to get my NASM certification and train myself. I’ve been boxing for fourteen years. I’ve boxed all over the country;  Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Ohio, Florida, and have been in all the best professional training camps and sparred with World Champions. I know everything there is to know about boxing.

What are you fighting for?
To turn skeptics into believers.

Describe your style of teaching:
Pro boxing/strength & conditioning.

Favorite type of music to play during class?

Career Achievements/Titles:

  • Current WBC (USNBC) Welterweight Champion
  • Professional Boxer 9-0 (5 KO’s)
  • Signed to Evander Holyfield’s The Real Deal Promotions
  • NYC Golden Glove Champion
  • 70 Amateur Boxing Fights.

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