Greg “Taylormade” Taylor
Born in the Bronx and raised in Mount Vernon, NY
I love everything about boxing from the discipline to training to the beauiful violence in the ring. I started boxing at 16 on and off as an after school thing because I was always fighting. At 20 I took it serious and started competing. At 27 I was working at a psych hospital and at Coca Cola and then a manager at a gym reached out to me about training because then liked my boxing on IG and I’ve been a trainer ever since. I’m fighting for peace of mind and to help members and clients to find the confidence.
My training style is technical, energetic, and fun.
My music taste in music varies. I listen to everything like Hip-hop, R&B, Pop, EDM, Reggae, 80’s, Disco, etc…..There’s no telling what would play in class.
Amateur bouts
PC Richard’s Fight Of The Night Award
PC Richard’s Punch Of The Night

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