Name: Fleur De Kine

Hometown: All over the world because I grew up in the Air Force. I call home wherever my loved ones are.

What do you love about boxing? How did you get into training? What are you fighting for?
Since I am not a professional boxer, I’d like to share my story. I started as a client at Overthrow! I have been an athlete (track and field and martial arts- karate, judo, jiu jitsu and Taekwondo) all of my life in addition to bodybuilding and the fitness and figure competitions. After winning my last pro competition in Montreal, I was feeling unmotivated with my training and upon discovering Overthrow, I fell in love. There is something so therapeutic and challenging about this sport because there is no plateau when it comes to boxing- there is ALWAYS technique to be honed and skill to be finessed. Boxing is a passion; it’s as much mental as it is physical and honestly, it feels fucking good. Overthrow became a home to me because of each experience I had at the gym and this is what I use as fuel when I teach. I know why I kept returning, I know what coming to Overthrow and learning how to box did for me, and I hope to help cultivate that unique feeling with anyone who chooses to work out with me.

Describe your style of teaching.
From a regular: “Cheeky. You keep things fun and light-hearted while still challenging people.” Everyone has a place in my class and I don’t care about your experience level because you are here to get a great workout. I engage with everyone no matter if you are new to boxing or even new to working out, you will be challenged in an open and inclusive environment. Never boxed before? You’ll learn how to throw a punch and complete a combo. Experienced? You’ll get a thorough conditioning workout and some tweaks. We’re each hanging out for 45 minutes so you’ll get your ass kicked and laugh at the same time.

I love seeing clients progress in their technique, improving their strength, endurance, and mood. Also, when people bring friends and loved ones that they haven’t told what they are in for. Β It’s all good.

Favorite type of music to play during class?
Nothing that one would hear on a regular basis. I try to change my playlist each week in order to keep it fresh. I curate each list to match the lesson-plan intensity. There are throwbacks, dance, disco, TV themes, blog house, vocal trance, metal, booty bass, burlesque, whatever. The playlists are up on my SoundCloud, so if there was a song you would like to hear again, it’ll be there. Also, feel free to come up after class and ask! Hopefully, you’ll dig the beats.

Career Achievements/Titles:

  • 2015 WBFF Pro Fitness Montreal Champion
  • WBFF Worlds Figure 8th
  • 2011 WBFF Figure Champion Boston
  • 2011 NPC National Rank Physique 11th
  • Personal Trainer
  • Dollar Dare Champion

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