Name: Cillian O’Sullivan (Kill-ian not SILLYan!)

Hometown: Cork City, Ireland. Born in Manhattan, NY

What do you love about boxing?
The chess match. Boxing is so much more mental than physical… It’s all about subterfuge and out smarting your opponent, like any martial art. The physical training has to be as intense as it is to get you to a place where the game is all that matters. In there – you get tired, you get dead.

How did you get into training?
Boxing has done so much for me. I love the idea that I can be part of that giant life contribution for someone else. I’m an actor – the only other thing I’m truly qualified in is fighting. So if I can have nothing but boxing and acting in my life professionally, I’ll be a happy fuckin guy.

What are you fighting for?
I can be a guy of extremes and I for sure have a more sensitive soul than most. I can be one of two things – internally fragile, a procrastinator, full of fear. Or a total fucking savage with insane mental fortitude that fears sweet fuck all and chases dreams. Fighting for the latter.

Favorite type of music to play during class?
Oh Jesus, anything from Metallica and the Prodigy to Enya!

Describe you style of teaching?
Aggressive and honest… I’ll bring the pain and talk you in to loving it. As for privates – I teach tight technique and a creative strategic mindset.

Career achievements/titles:
Boxing stuff: I’ve got a good few fights under my belt and a title won under Pro rules in Ireland and a healthy dose of CTE.
Acting stuff: I’ve been in some movies. I’ve been in some commercials, and on the TV and on the stage and stuff and I’m kind of a big deal. Bye.

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