Name:Blaise Beyhan

Hometown: Kasilof, Alaska

What do you love about boxing?
I have boxed and done martial arts since I was young, I believe in pushing yourself as much as you can. I believe getting to the edge of one’s own limitations teaches you what it means to be alive and reach for everything you desire.

How did you get into training?
I grew up in a commune in Alaska and my father taught us. We always did a lot of outdoor sports and in the long winter, my brothers and I would beat each other up.  When I moved to New York, I met some of the founders of Overthrow and found that it was more than just a gym, but a community. I felt as though I found a place that made sense for me. I think of myself as a student of everything, I believe you should never stop learning, I think teaching makes you a better student.

What are you fighting for?
For a more honest world, for empathy, for respect for all life, for a future where humanity is more important than greed and hatred. I’m fighting for knowledge, for art, I’m fighting to overthrow repression, to overthrow the corporate machine that pushes an agenda of racism, fear, divisiveness, and disparity. I’m fighting to overthrow hate.

Describe your style of teaching.
I believe everyone is different and that every individual must be given the opportunity to get all they can from a collective class. It is your journey, you decide what to build, I’m there to provide the best tools I can for you to get there.

Career Achievements/Titles:

  • Singer
  • Songwriter
  • Amateur boxer
  • Producer
  • Director
  • Studio owner

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