Du-shane is an upcoming professional boxer with 9 wins 5 coming by the way of knock out with only 1 Loss. He was born in Jamaica West Indies and migrated to the U.SA at the age of 5 where living in Brooklyn He was always picked on and teased about his accent so decided to learn to fight. He decided to get into boxing after his father was tragically killed in Jamaica, he told his mom at 13 years old he wanted to be a boxer and was inspired by His idol Iron Mike Tyson .
As an amateur, Du-shane Competed in tournament such as New York Golden Gloves where he was a semi finalist. He fought in tournaments all over the country places such as Georgia ,Florida ,Mississippi to name a few  winning platinum gloves tournament ,fought in ring side tournament winning a belt and also a Georgia national Champ. He later decided to move to Washington D.C. after he was recommended For world class camp to spar with former 2 time World champion That was once consider the most avoided/feared fighter in boxing Paul “Punisher” Williams  for 3 years And then later turn to professional boxing in 2011 with 26 amateur fights because his fighting style was more suitable for professional boxing,
Du-shane has a passion for teaching and sharing his  knowledge of boxing he continues to train/fight to become the next world champion one day, when its time to teach class in his words “let me take you to Ape school” come and get Activated #DaApeway if you want to know more follow on Instagram @Du_718.

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